The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) is a parastatal organization with the responsibility of coordinating and promoting research and technology development activities in the country. One of the various roles of COSTECH is to acquire and store scientific information and make it available to the public for socio-economic development. Therefore, COSTECH with other partners established the Tanzania Biodiversity Information Management Tool (BIMT) as an online national biodiversity repository to acquire Tanzania biodiversity information (species, occurrence and imagery data) from various reliable sources, and store and disseminate this information via the internet to various stakeholders. BIMT aims to further discover and explore Tanzania's natural resources for the sake of better understanding, better management, and thus better utilization and conservation of biological resources.


Tanzania is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, containing parts of two well-known Global Biodiversity Hotspots. As in other countries, Tanzanian rural and urban societies depend on biodiversity resources for their social and economic development. Biodiversity provides goods and ecosystem services vital for human well-being and the survival of the planet, including water purification, grazing, eco-tourism, fisheries,sources of medicine, energy, food, healthy soils, pollination, carbon storage, clean air, and production of oxygen.